Analytic Methods

Here you will find a selection of the most useful, practical analytic methods, models, through which healthcare data is brought to life.

Sensitivity vs Specificity (and other goodness of fit measures)

How to calculate these goodness of fit measures

Risk Adjustment 101

How to compare apples with apples in health care

On Opioids and Analytics

4 step approach to using analytics to identify patients who are most at risk of developing an opioid overdose

An intro to SQL – your key to databases

4 core SQL lines that allow you to perform most of your database work

Decision trees – intro

One of the most useful statistical techniques for health analytics

Confessions of health data -2

Illustration of how to use day of week, pivotcharts to identify possible improvements in physician procedure code billing

Just the statistics you need

7 (basic) statistical concepts that I find the most useful in health care analytics

Confessions of health data – 1

Illustration of RVU tracking, a step by step guide to go from raw data to valuable finding

6 steps to building a medical practice dashboard

Practice managers and division administrators are often tasked with reporting on how a medical practice is doing. In this post, I describe the 6 steps to building a practice dashboard.

6 skills/traits health data analysts need

Curiosity, Knowledge of dynamics in healthcare, Numeracy, Knowledge of healthcare data, Interpersonal skills, Software skills.

5 reasons to switch to a career in health analyics

Now is better than ever to consider a career in health analytics