Course: Machine learning in Healthcare (no coding required)

This course introduces health data, from the perspective of data analysts. This course will teach you how to work with health data, using machine learning models to find actionable insights. Through a step-by-step guided case study, you will learn practical skills that you can apply immediately!


Course: Health Data 101

This course introduces health data, from the perspective of data analysts.


“I have been in the healthcare space for some time. I thought this course was put together well. It was concise which I find to be beneficial. This is a great course for those who are beginning their career with healthcare data.”
“Right level for me as I’m just starting in a hospital as a research analyst. Thank you.”
“The courses covers the fundamentals of health data and the course delivery is easy to understand.”


Case study: Making Health Data Confess via ACTEX 

demonstrate how to use health data to build a predictive model on opioid abuse. Use code healthdata18 to get 10% off.

Reviews: “Excellent presentation, very knowledgeable presenter, good to apply to future analysis”
“Great/awesome intro, was thought provoking for someone whose company is trying to get organized and develop an analytics department”


Course: Analytic Habits

easy to remember yet highly effective steps to perform your analytic work. Great hack to elevate your work from mediocre to great! Click link to get 30% discount.

Review: “I appreciated the concise and disciples approach to analytics. I am entering this area with no previous experience, so it was VERY helpful. Thank you!!!”