Types of healthcare data – Diagnoses/ICDs

In my previous post, I described the common sources of healthcare data. Here, I describe the common types of healthcare data you will come across, namely, diagnoses, procedures, demographic, drug, laboratory result data, clinical notes and financial data. Diagnoses/ICDs Diagnoses record the medical problem that a patient has, e.g. diabetes, headache, cancer. They explain why … Continue reading Types of healthcare data – Diagnoses/ICDs

Sources of health data

The common sources of healthcare data are: EHR, Insurance Claims, Research, Public Health, User Generated data. Electronic Health Records: hospitals and doctors keep records of each patient visit through their electronic health records (EHR) systems. EPIC, Cerner are by far the largest vendors in the US. EHRs document both the clinical information, such as diagnoses … Continue reading Sources of health data