Pharmacy Fraud Waste Abuse

The US spends nearly $400bn annually on pharmaceutical drugs. Some estimates put the amount of fraud waste and abuse (FWA) above 30% of that.[1] While recent trends point to a slower rate of increase in pharmaceutical spending, there is considerable opportunity to remove wasteful and fraudulent spending on pharmaceuticals. Health analytics provide precise, scalable solutions … Continue reading Pharmacy Fraud Waste Abuse

Pharmaceutical Analytics – 2

This is No.2 of a series of blogs I'm writing on pharmaceutical analytics. Future pieces will cover cost structures, analytic metrics, drug plan benefit management and predictive analytics. Please subscribe to receive those. Pharmaceutical/Drug data are used for prescription, dispensing, billing, utilization management etc. Almost all activities related to pharmaceuticals post launch utilize drug data extensively (at least … Continue reading Pharmaceutical Analytics – 2

What’s in it for me anyway? – incentives in healthcare

Incentives, as some economists would suggest, drive the world. Whether someone is doing things to fill their stomach, pocket, ego, heart, there are underlying motivations that initiate and then sustain someone's actions. I've found that a clear understanding of these incentives is critically important in life. More specifically, if I wish to analyze healthcare systems and … Continue reading What’s in it for me anyway? – incentives in healthcare