Case studies

Case study: Making Health Data Confess via ACTEX 

demonstrate how to use health data to build a predictive model on opioid abuse. Use code healthdata18 to get 10% off.

On Opioids and Analytics

4 step approach to using analytics to identify patients who are most at risk of developing an opioid overdose

For Medical Practice Managers

Analytics for Medical Practice Managers

how to think about medical practice management from an analytics perspective

Confessions of health data – 1

Illustration of RVU tracking, a step by step guide to go from raw data to valuable finding

Confessions of health data -2

Illustration of how to use day of week, pivot charts to identify possible improvements in physician procedure code billing

6 steps to building a medical practice dashboard

Practice managers and division administrators are often tasked with reporting on how a medical practice is doing. In this post, I describe the 6 steps to building a practice dashboard.