Health Data

Course: Health Data 101

This course introduces health data, from the perspective of data analysts.

Here you will find an introduction to each element of healthcare data.

Risk Adjustment 101

How to compare apples with apples in health care

Electronic Health Records

What they are, how are they used, what’s good and bad about them.

What’s blood got to do with it – LOINCs

I describe how laboratory test results are represented –LOINCs – laboratory codes

Types of healthcare data: drug codes

I describe ways drug data is recorded via NDCs, ATCs, GPIs –NDC drug code look up

Ugly side of healthcare data

I describe different types of commonly seen healthcare data errors

Types of healthcare data: procedure codes

Procedure codes are critical for clinical information recording and billing purposes.

  CPT procedure code look up – Pay wall
  CPT procedure code look up – Free

Types of health data – Diagnoses / ICDs

Description of diagnosis codes: the reasons for why a person is ill – ICD look up tool

Sources of Health Data

Description of the main sources of healthcare data

Other tools

Most Useful Excel Formulas There are obviously loads more that Excel offers, but I found that I use these much more frequently than any other formulas.

Most Useful Excel Keyboard Shortcuts: these are the keyboard short cuts that will transform slow/inaccurate mouse clicking to you “flying” around the screen using only keyboard. You will navigate the spreadsheet a lot faster and more accurately.

Kaiser Family Foundation for great health financing data as well as in depth research

MEPS: medical expenditure panel survey